DABROS Floor Surveys Ltd is an independent company that specializes in testing and surveying of industrial and commercial concrete floors. 

With over 12 years of experience, we can undertake any type of floor survey or remedial works, including precise concrete floor grinding in very narrow aisles, where lift trucks operate along wire guidance or rail system.

With a proven record of works carried out across the UK and Europe (Defined Movement surveys, Free Movement surveys, necessary remedial works in Very Narrow Aisles to bring them into the required classification), we are looking to expand our services across the European Union and Worldwide.

Our advanced measuring equipment such as DABROS Digital Floor Profiler used to test Defined Movement areas, allows us to test industrial floors with accuracy of 0.1mm. Our software can later analyse the data to any desired UK specification (TR34 2013 4th Edition Table 3.2, TR34 2003 3rd Edition Table 3.4 or Appendix C) as well as any European standards (DIN 15185, VDMA (Fx,avg), ACI F-min numbers).

We also carry out other types of floor surveys, such as Level Survey, Free Movement Survey, Abrasion Resistance and many other. 

To test Free Movement areas we use combination of level survey using precise level and parallel plate micrometer and the device called DABROS Digital Property F Recorder which is designed to test flatness. Our software can later analyse the data to any desired UK specification (TR34 2013 4th Edition Table 3.1, TR34 2003 3rd Edition Table 4.2 and Table 4.4) as well as any European standards (DIN 18202, ASTM 1155 F-numbers).

We can advise our client to determine the best way of testing the floor and provide free advice on any remedial actions that may be required in order to bring the floor to the required classification.

Apart from precise grinding of the defined movement floor, where flatness is very important, we also carry out cost effective remedial works to improve the flatness of the floor, by manual hand grinding of the concrete floor using combination of concrete grinders and straight edges to ensure the final finish gives the best flatness results.