Concrete Floor Grinding


Whether your floor is new or old, whether the warehouse is operational or not, we can promise dust free Super Flat floor for YOUR business. 

DABROS Floor Surveys Ltd offers two types of concrete floor grinding methods that bring YOUR floor into the required specification.  

We can grind the defined movement floor to following specifications:

– DIN 15185 

– DIN 15185 + VDMA Fx,avg numbers

– TR34 2013 4th Edition and TR34 2003 3rd Edition

– EN 15620

– ACI F-min

Precise Concrete Floor Grinding 

using BBX Grinding Machine


Our signature floor flatness improvements is achieved by floor grinding using our BBX Grinding Machine. This machine can achieve nearly perfectly flat floor (overall tolerance achieved by BBX Grinding Machine is +/-0.5mm over the full length of the aisle). This delivers the exceptional floor performance for the end user and all very expensive maintenance cost caused by uneven floors are basically eliminated. The grinding machine takes the “excess of the floor” bit by bit and its grinding blades provide Super Smooth and Super Flat finish to the floor.

Videos showing massive improvements after BBX Grinding Machine was used


Video showing VNA floor BEFORE grinding.

Video showing VNA aisle after grinding.

Video showing VNA floor AFTER grinding. Top beam of the racking was at 17m high.

Tolerance was very tight and impressive flatness results of the floor have been achieved !!!

Manual Grinding of the Industrial Concrete Floor 


Manual Grinding of the Concrete Floor is lot more cost effective solution to correct flatness issues in very narrow aisles. Using selected combination of floor grinders, polishers and straight edges we are able to provide smooth finish to the floor at a reasonable price. This operation is nearly dust free, as we use HEPA filters to collect the dust created whilst the floor is being ground. The ground surface is flat at the bottom of the patch thanks to special techniques used during the remedial process. We can grind the floor if the racking is already installed or we can grind the floor based on drawings that show the racking location.


Examples of Manual Grinding of the Industrial Concrete Floor 



(Before Installation Of The Racking)




RABEN – Poland 

(Before Installation Of The Racking)




LEAR – Poland 

(Racking already installed)