Defined Movement Floor Surveys


DABROS Floor Surveys Ltd can carry out all types of Defined Movement Surveys to test industrial concrete floors using highly advanced measuring equipment called DABROS Digital Floor Profiler with accuracy of 0.1mm. The device is professionally designed, manufactured and tested by us to check its quality and accuracy. 

DABROS Floor Surveys Ltd survey results gathered using our DABROS Digital Floor Profiler can be easily analysed to any UK specification (TR34 2013 4th Edition Table 3.2, TR34 2003 Table 3.4 or Appendix C) as well as any European standards (DIN 15185, VDMA (Fx numbers), ACI F-min number, BS EN 15620).

Below is a list of surveys that can be undertaken by DABROS Floor Surveys Ltd.

TR34 2013 4th Edition
The Concrete Society’s TR34 2013 4th Edition
The Concrete Society’s TR34 2003 3rd Edition
German Standard (General Building Specification)
Verband Deutscher Maschinen - und Anlagenbau e.V.
ACI F-min Number System
BS EN 15620 Standard