Free Movement Floor Survey


Flat and level industrial concrete floors are crucial for the Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and they play an important role in safe and smooth operation, as all tasks are operated on the floor.

Free Movement floors are generally designed for wide aisle racking, mezzanine installations and bulk storage, where MHE may operate in all directions and undefined paths within the facility.

All over the world there is a number of floor flatness classifications, however the most commonly used ones are, UK Concrete Society’s TR34, German DIN 18202 and American ASTM E1155.

DABROS Floor Surveys Ltd can carry out all types of industrial, commercial and domestic floor surveys to check compliance with any aforementioned classifications.

To check flatness of the free movement floor we use digital measuring equipment called DABROS Digital Property F Recorder with accuracy of 0.1mm (for TR34 and ASTM E1155 surveys), and DABROS Digital DIN Recorder (for DIN surveys).

Levelness of the free movement floor is checked using an invar staff and precise level with parallel plate micrometer.

Survey results gathered using our software can be easily analysed to any UK specification (TR34 2013 4th Edition Table 3.1, TR34 2003 3rd Edition Table 4.2 and Table 4.4, BS 8204-2:2003+A2:2011) as well as any European standards (DIN 18202, ASTM E1155 F-number).

Below is a list of free movement floor surveys that can done by DABROS Floor Surveys Ltd.

TR34 2013 4th Edition
The Concrete Society’s TR34 2013 4th Edition
The Concrete Society’s TR34 2003 3rd Edition
German Standard
German Standard (General Building Specification)
American Standard ASTM E1155 F-Numbers