Quality Assurance and On-Site Supervision

One of the highest priorities while constructing an industrial and commercial floor is on site supervision, to ensure that the floor is built in accordance with the design and the flooring contractors follow all its details. The inspection can be carried out on daily basis or whenever required by the client.

This is where DABROS Floor Surveys Ltd steps in and carry out all the necessary pre-pour and during pour checks.

These involve;

  • Sub-base preparation, compaction and levelness checks
  • Joint installation checks (location and slab depth along the formwork, etc.)
  • Isolation checks around columns, pipes etc.
  • Slip membrane placement
  • Reinforcement checks (around columns, dock levellers, pipes, during pour reinforcement placement, steel fibre content in the concrete mix)

As DABROS Floor Surveys Ltd is not involved in slab design and concrete mix design, we do not comment on these aspects of the project. We are on site purely to provide help to the main and the flooring contractor in order to achieve the best possible results.

Following our visit to site, we issue a report highlighting all our findings. We also advice on all necessary improvements that have to be made in the future in order to get the best results possible.